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Jeju United FC vs Seongnam FC Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Jeju United FC vs Seongnam FC Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us predict and match between Jeju United FC and Seongnam FC in the stage group of the K.league 2019.

Together with Incheon and Gyeongnam, Jeju Utd is one of the three worst performing teams after a half-way race. Like the two teams mentioned above, Jeju Utd won 2 times, respectively before Gyeongnam (2-0) and Gangwon (1-0). In the remaining 15 matches, they have a draw of 5 and lose 9. The inevitable consequence is that coach Jo Sung Hwan had to leave in the scene without a trumpet.

Remarkably, under the guidance of new coach Choi Yun Kyum, Jeju Utd not only did not prosper but also sunk deeper. It is the fact that they are having 3 losing matches, being averaged 3 times per match as proof. Now, Jeju Utd's problem is no longer merely in loose crafts or public goods that do not know how to score but belief.

In the past few weeks, Jeju Utd has almost no confidence in winning, instead fear. The evidence is that just as the net of the home team shakes, the coaches of coach Choi Yun Kyum quickly lose, regardless of how strong the opponent is. If coach Choi Yun Kyum can't solve the problem, Jeju Utd will still be in the dark.

Of course, Seongnam FC's reception did not promise many positive things for Jeju Utd. The team under coach Nam Ki Il is gradually adapting to the harsh spin of K League. In recent 2 rounds, they took turns holding Incheon (0-0) and Gyeongam (1-1). If there is a legal match, Seongnam FC leaves the Jeju World Cup with 3 points.

Jeju United FC vs Seongnam score predictions: 0-1