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Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for staying in the bend in South Korea

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for staying in the bend in South Korea

Korean fans are furious when Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo did not play in the 3-3 draw with the team of K-League all stars on July 26th.

According to the terms of the contract that the two sides agreed on when deciding to hold a friendly match, Cristiano Ronaldo will play at least 45 minutes.

However, during the match yesterday, Juventus superstar just sat on the bench. This makes homeowners feel uncomfortable. Every time the screen on the screen came to Ronaldo, the boos could be heard. Even more people shouted "Lionel Messi, Lionel Messi" to mock Juventus striker.

According to South Korea's Daum newspaper, Juventus did not fulfill its obligations. In addition, Ronaldo and his team also flew to Korea later than expected. The signing ceremony for fans was canceled and the match had to be postponed for nearly an hour.

"I was planning to use Ronaldo for the match today, but he could not enter the field because he did not guarantee his fitness. I spoke to Chairman Andrea Agnelli and Ronaldo before the match, and we decided not to let he came in. The best way is to let him take a break”, revealed Maurizio Sarri.

Juventus played three friendly matches this summer. The next "Old Lady" rival is Atletico Madrid, in the match that takes place in Sweden on August 10th.