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Daegu vs Pohang Steelers Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Daegu vs Pohang Steelers Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as preview of professional experts about Daegu vs Pohang Steelers - the match in the 29th round of K-League 2019.

Daegu FC vs Pohang Steelers match information

Time: 18:00 (GMT+8) on September 14th

Venue: DGB Daegu Bank Park

Competition: 29th round of K-League 2019

The season has gone through 28 rounds, both teams are standing in the top half of the table hosts host Daegu FC is 41 points ranked 5th in the rankings, while the visitors Pohang Steelers get 35 points are ranked at number 8th on the table.

Daegu makes the professionals surprised as they bring a fresh face in the K League 2019, different from their previous seasons. Daegu is operating quite smoothly under the "tight defense" strategy - quick counter-attack”, proposed by a Brazilian strategist. But remember, it's all just the beginning, Daegu still has a long season ahead. However, what they have done over time signals a successful year for the club from the East.

Pohang Steelers is still trying hard to find an opportunity to improve to be able to squeeze into the top group in the Korean league table. At the moment, the distance of Choi Soon-Ho's army with the top 6 is only 3 points, this number can completely level in the near future.

Possible lineups of Daegu vs Pohang Steelers

Daegu FC; HyeonUh, TaeHan, UhSeok, Hyeon, YunGu, HanBin, SunMin, JunYeob, Won,  ChiIn, Cesinha.

Pohang Steelers: Wonuh, Yonghwan, Minkwang, Changrae, Sangki, Jinhyeon, Jaeyong, Seungun, Soobin, Wanderson, Seungdae.

Daegu vs Pohang Steelers score predictions: 3-2