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"Japanese Messi" Takefusa Kubo creates a great shock at Real Madrid

Famous for his intelligence and quick ability, "Messi Japan", Takefusa Kubo was shocking at Real Madrid by his language level.

After completing the number one goal this season is midfielder Eden Hazard, Real Madrid board continued to complete the contract with Takefusa Kubo with dizzying speed. Kubo is considered the latest jewel of Japanese football, he was called by the media by his beautiful name "Messi Japan".

As soon as he arrived at Real Madrid, Kubo made a first impression on the team during the first training session. Not only that, he also made new teammates feel surprised with his language level.

Takefusa Kubo speaks Spanish so well that his partner Nacho Fernandez admires: "He said he was better than the Spanish in the team, I'm really telling you".

“When I first contacted him, I felt that this guy was very quick and smart. He made a quick acquaintance with his comrades and performed very well during rehearsals. It is very precious"- Nacho praised Kubo.

When asked about this issue, Kubo shared modestly: "Oh no, that's not it. I still have to try more”, Takefusa Kubo once had time to practice at Barcelona's famous youth soccer academy. Therefore, studying time here helped Kubo speak Spanish quite fluently and quickly.

"Japan Messi" also had an impressive debut in Japan's national football team colors in the 2019 Copa America. Unfortunately, the "Green Samurai" cannot overcome the group stage in this South American tournament.

In the next season, Kubo will play for Real Madrid's young squad to gain experience and seek opportunities to get into the official squad. He was recognized by experts as the future for the Spanish Royal team.