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RUMOUR: Dang Van Lam to become Chanathip's teammate at J1-League in 2020?

RUMOUR: Dang Van Lam to become Chanathip's teammate at J1-League in 2020?

There are reports that a Vietnamese no.1 goalkeeper Dang Van Lam will play in the Consadole Sapporo's shirt in the 2020 season.

Recently, Consadole Sapporo has announced the recruitment of a Vietnamese - Japanese interpreter for the team. In this notice, it is stated that the interpreter's mission will be to follow and support a Vietnamese professional football player.

This has raised rumors that the Japanese team will announce a contract with a Vietnamese player in the near future. According to the investigation, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam and midfielder Martin Lo are two names placed in the questionable area that will join Consadole Sapporo.

Currently, Martin Lo is on trial at a Japanese 2nd division, so his arrival at Consadole Sapporo next season is very unlikely.

Meanwhile, Dang Van Lam is completely capable of landing in Japan in the 2020 season. Previously there was information that some J1-League teams were very interested in the Vietnamese goalkeeper and ready to break Van Lam's contract with Muang Thong United.

For Dang Van Lam personally, his first season in Thailand is considered successful. He played all 30 matches of Muang Thong United in the Thai League. This is a record that not many players can do in the first season playing abroad. The consistent form of Dang Van Lam has contributed a lot to the  5th position of Muang Thong United last season.

If this deal happens, this will be a big step in Dang Van Lam's career. Previously, the Japanese team had expressed the desire to sign midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai of Hanoi FC. However,  Nguyen Quang Hai has refused because he wants to stick with the Hanoi team next season.

Currently, Consadole Sapporo also has another star of Southeast Asian football, Chanathip Songkrasin of Thailand. Thus, the perspective that Chanathip & Dang Van Lam will be teammates is interesting for ASEAN fans!