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Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions as well as preview of professional experts about Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare - the match in the 26th round of J-League 2019.

Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare match information

Time: 17:00 (GMT+8) on September 14th

Venue: Ōita Bank Dome ("Big Eye"), Ōita

Competition: 26th round of J-League 2019

After succeed in avoiding relegation last season, Oita Trinita started this new season quite impressively, with 8th place and only 9 points from the Top 3. Not owning a striking attack, but compensating for the certainty in the defense has helped the owner get important scores.

In the last 10 matches, Oita Trinita only lost to 2nd place team Kashima Antlers, 3rd place was Yokohama Marinos and defending champion Kawasaki Frontale saw Oita Trinita is not an easy name at all. Not surprisingly, the host is the third-best defense of the tournament with only 23 goals conceded so far this season.

With higher rankings and added home advantage, Oita Trinita is expected by many fans to win all 3 points against Shonan Bellmare in the match this afternoon. But if you carefully analyze the current performance of both, the possibility of the 8th ranked team Oita Trinita "dropping points" before the 10th ranked team is still possible. As a reminder, coach Katanosaka's team are showing signs of decline when experiencing 7 consecutive games without knowing the smell of victory in Japanese tournaments.

Across the field, Shonan Bellmare has made commendable progress in the past month. Specifically, they won 2, drew 2 and lost only 1 match in the last 5 rounds in the Japanese league. In the last 10 matches, Shonan Bellmare has got 17 goals but has conceded 22 goals, this problem of defense if the coach Cho Kwi Jea can not solve it is difficult for the guests to play well soon.

Possible lineups of Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare

Oita Trinita: Takagi, Misao, Suzuki, Shimakawa, Matsumoto, Maeda, Tatsuya Tanaka, Takayama, Onaiwu, Fujimoto, Kozuka.

Shonan Bellmare: Akimoto, Yamane, Ohno, Onoda, Suzuki, Matsuda, Saito, Sugioka, Taketomi, Umesaki, Yamasaki.

Oita Trinita vs Shonan Bellmare score predictions: 2-1