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Why Shin Tae Yong prefers calling up young players to Indonesia team?

Why Shin Tae Yong prefers calling up young players to Indonesia team?

Unlike Simon McMenemy or Luis Milla, Shin Tae Yong seems to believe in young players that he calls up to the senior team.

Among 34 players that are called to the Indonesia national football team this time, there are just five men in their 30s. They are Fachruddin Aryanto, Rizky Rizaldi Pora, Stefano Lilipaly, Irfan Bachdim, and the only naturalized player Ilija Spasojevic.

At 32, Spasojevic is also the oldest veteran of the Indonesia team, playing alongside young men who are just promoted from the U19 team namely Muhammad Adi Satrio, Alfeandra Dewangga, Pratama Arhan Alif, and Irfan Jauhari.

It seems that Shin Tae Yong wants to challenge himself by believing in young players, especially the men that won the silver medal at the 30th SEA Games men's football event such as Nadeo Argawinata, Andy Setyo, Asnawi Mangkualam, Saddil Ramdani, Osvaldo Haay, and Muhammad Rafli.

Unlike Shin Tae Yong, his predecessor Simon McMenemy preferred calling up old players to strengthen the squad because he believed in their experience.

He used to pick the 39-year-old man Alberto Goncalves, Henry Hendrawan (37), Otavio Dutra (36), and Greg Nwokolo (34) to compete in the second preliminary round of the 2022 World Cup qualification.

However, things did not happen as he expected when players aged more than 30 were beaten at all matches. Luis Milla also did the same thing, and it cost him the managerial role.

In other words, Shin Tae Yong is trying to do something different, and the chance for him to cast magic as Park Hang Seo has done with the Vietnam team is possible.