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SURPRISE! Indra Sjafri appointed by PSSI to become Technical Director

SURPRISE! Indra Sjafri appointed by PSSI to become Technical Director

Instead of appointing Indra Sjafri to work as an assistant of manager Shin Tae Yong, PSSI asked him to serve as the technical director.

At 57, Indra Sjafri surprised Indonesian fans by guiding the Indonesia U22 team in the 30th SEA Games men's football event. In that competition, he helped his team advance to the final match when they only lost against the Vietnam U22 team.

However, winning the silver medal was considered a great achievement of Indra Sjafri, especially when the senior team did not have a good form in the qualification round of the 2022 World Cup.

Under his guidance, many Indonesian players improved significantly to reach another level.

Before appointing the Korean coach Shin Tae Yong to become the manager of the Indonesia national football team, the Garuda lost all the matches they played in the preliminary round, making them be eliminated earlier than they think.

Initially, Indra Sjafri was also one of the possible candidates to become the head coach of the national team. However, after considering among several coaches, PSSI decided to work with Shin Tae Yong thanks to his achievements in the past.

Before moving to Indonesia, Shin Tae Yong guided the South Korea team to play at the 2018 World Cup. Although being eliminated at the group stage, South Korea players surprised football fans by beating the defending champion Germany in the last match.