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Shin Tae Yong to reveal why he is still optimistis after a heavy defeat

Shin Tae Yong to reveal why he is still optimistis after a heavy defeat

The South Korean coach said that he intentionally let his team lose to help players know the importance of tactics.

In the first friendly match under the guidance of coach Shin Tae Yong, the Indonesia national football team was thrashed by the newly promoted Liga 1 club Persita Tangerang.

The final score was 1-4, making many people wonder what Indonesian players did in recent days. However, from the perspective of manager Shin Tae Yong, he said he did not care too much about the result of the game.

Unlike other matches, he did not give any tactical guidance for players to play against Persita Tangerang. Instead of trying to win a friendly match at all costs, Shin wanted them to enjoy the game before going on training harder and harder.

Moreover, by playing a match without any strategy, Indonesian players would know the importance of tactics in football.

Choosing to coach the Indonesia national football team over accepting an offer from the Chinese Super League is a challenge for Shin Tae Yong.

The South Korean manager said he wanted to follow the path of his fellow countryman Park Hang Seo, who won great achievements with Vietnam team.

Having similar perspective with Park, Shin gave the chance to represent the national team for young players, especially the men that won the silver medal at the 30th SEA Games men's football event such as Nadeo Argawinata, Andy Setyo, Asnawi Mangkualam, Saddil Ramdani, Osvaldo Haay, and Muhammad Rafli.