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Ignoring Shin Tae Young, PSSI contact Ruud Gullit for the hot seat?

Ignoring Shin Tae Young, PSSI contact Ruud Gullit for the hot seat?

Instead of trying to convince two possible candidates, Shin Tae Young and Luis Milla, PSSI is seeking other choices. One of them is football legend Ruud Gullit.

According to Mochamad Iriawan, the General Chairperson of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI), they are preparing to contact to other candidates beside Shin Tae Young and Luis Milla.

"Because the negotiation progress is delayed, we have to consider other options. Therefore, we communicate with numerous managers, including Ruud Gullit. I talked to him about the offer, and I am waiting for his answer", said Iriawan.

Currently, Gullit has no jobs after leaving the assistant manager position of the Netherlands national football team last year.

The most impressive achievement in Gullit's managerial career happened in 1997 when he helped Chelsea become the FA Cup Champion as a player-manager. But in the next season, he was sacked because of disagreements with the club's board.

After leaving Chelsea, Gullit worked with numerous clubs namely Newcastle United, Feyenoord, and LA Galaxy, but his performance gradually dropped.

In 2011, he was sacked by Russian club Terek Grozny due to winning just three matches in six months, losing seven games at the same time. The club also revealed that Gullit had a "party lifestyle", and he did not concentrate on his work.

As a result, PSSI should consider before appointing Gullit to become the head coach of the Indonesia national football team.