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Egy Maulana - the Indonesian prodigy injured before the Europa League qualifier

Egy Maulana - the Indonesian prodigy injured before the Europa League qualifier

Egy Maulana, Indonesia's football prodigy, recently got bad luck when he got injured just before the Europa League qualifier.

Egy Maulana is one of Indonesia's most outstanding young talents, he is 19 this year and plays for Lechia Gdansk in Poland. With impressive performance in the past, Egy Maulana has been named by coach Piotr Stokowiec on the 2nd qualifying list of Europa League. If nothing changes, Egy Maulana will join Lechia Gdansk for the first match in the second qualifier against Brondby on the morning of August 2nd.

Egy Maulana is showing great enthusiasm to have a chance to play in the Europa League arena. However, recently young Indonesian talents have encountered bad luck. Specifically, in the match of Lechia Gdansk against Wisla at the Polish league on July 28th, Egy was given the opportunity to play on the main football field and suffered an injury before the first half closed.

The problem Egy Maulana encountered seemed quite serious, he was taken directly to the hospital for a visit. Coach Piotr Stokowiec said: "Egy was taken to the hospital during recess, I don't know what happened to him. No matter what, I hope Egy's injury is not serious".

Only a few days away from the Brondby match in the 2 Europa League qualifiers will take place, most likely Egy Maulana will not be able to recover soon enough. This is indeed a pity for the young talent of Southeast Asia.

Although he is not sure if Egy is able to recover and can play in the Europa League, coach Piotr Stokowiec still gives a high appreciation for his players: "I don't want to give an early assessment of Egy, but you He is a talented player, good at dribbling and will contribute a lot to Lechia Gdansk ".