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OPINION: Vietnam should represent Southeast Asia if this zone host the FIFA World Cup

OPINION: Vietnam should represent Southeast Asia if this zone host the FIFA World Cup

The Asian version of FOX Sports states that Vietnam should become the representative country for Southeast Asia if this region hosts the FIFA World Cup.

Not long ago, at the 34th ASEAN Summit meeting in Bangkok, Foreign Ministers of 10 Southeast Asian member countries agreed to adopt the proposal "Host the 2034 World Cup".  This is considered a breakthrough idea for Southeast Asian football.

Specifically, heads of 10 ASEAN countries have approved plans to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup. The ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) and its member federations will build proposals and submit them to FIFA by 2026.

Basically, it is difficult for 10 countries in the same area to co-host a football event. Therefore, if the 2034 FIFA World Cup is actually organized in Southeast Asia, the region needs to select between 3 and 5 countries to represent. This is a question that is not easy to find answers because hosting the World Cup is a huge opportunity for each country, not just in terms of sports.

However, according to the evaluation of FOX Sports, among 10 countries in Southeast Asia, only 2 countries deserve to become representatives to organize the biggest football festival on the planet, that is Vietnam and Thailand.

OPINION: Vietnam should represent Southeast Asia if this zone host the FIFA World Cup

In my article, the Asian version of FOX Sports analyzed: "Vietnam and Thailand will be the two countries competing for this honor. For Vietnam, their national team has reached the top 15 in Asia, while Thailand is only in the top 20. Vietnam is also the defending champion of AFF Cup and they also reached the top 8 strongest teams in Asian Cup 2019. Vietnam has proven that they are fully capable of facing top Asian teams".

When talking about the Thailand football team, the Asian newspaper commented: "Thailand has always been the top team in Southeast Asia over the years, but they are showing signs of recent decline. At the 2019 Asian Cup, they were eliminated by China in the round of 16 teams".

If you look optimistically, at the current pace of development, bringing the World Cup to Southeast Asia is not an "impossible task". However, there is a great distance between making a proposal and taking concrete actions to realize that proposal. Moreover, it is not a simple thing to compete to host the World Cup with other developed football platforms in the world. It will be a race that requires a lot of time and money.

Hosting the World Cup will be the story of the future, but now, the more realistic goal of the Vietnam football team will be to successfully complete the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign in Asia. Historically, the only Southeast Asian team that has ever passed this second qualifier is the Thailand football team.

With a generation of extremely talented players and the guidance of coach Park Hang Seo, the Vietnamese football team is fully capable of doing it, or even better than what the Thailand people have done. done in the past.