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Who are Harimau Malaya's 7 debutants ahead of big clash vs Thailand?

Who are Harimau Malaya's 7 debutants ahead of big clash vs Thailand?

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe decided to eliminate 4 players from the previous list and gave the opportunity for 7 new names to prepare for the next two matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifier.

On October 30th, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) announced a list of 26 players who were summoned to the Malaysian team to prepare for two matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Thailand and Indonesia.

Compared to the list of 23 names in the previous summons, coach Tan Cheng Hoe made surprises to call up 7 debutants and showed the determination to change the face of the national team after two consecutive defeats against UAE and Vietnam.

In addition to familiar names like Talaha, Safawi Rashid or Mohamadou Sumareh, the five new players who were given the opportunity in this gathering are Afiq Fazail, Baddrol Bakhtiar, Farhan Roslan, Syazwan Andik and Ifwat Akmal. Shahrel Fikri and Nor Azam Azih were also recalled after being removed from the list at the previous rally due to injury.

The four names eliminated were Hafizul Hakim, Halim Saari, and two Malaysian team members who won the AFF Cup 2018 runner-up Irfan Zakaria and Akram Mahinan. The duo will be moved to the waiting list along with Haziq Nadzli, Rizal Ghazali, Partiban and Jafri Firdaus Chew.

Who are Harimau Malayas 7 debutants ahead of big clash vs Thailand?

"Harimau Malaya" is expected to start focusing on November 3rd, with the exception of a few players who are busy playing in the Malaysia Cup final that will gather one day later. The Malaysian team will have a friendly match with Tajikistan on November 9th before entering two important matches against Thailand (November 14th) and Indonesia (November 19th).

With 3 points after 3 matches, the opportunity for coach Tan Cheng Hoe's team to enter the next round is quite low. Malaysia football team must win the next two matches if they want to raise hope of reaching the final round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Asia.