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2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw: Vietnam faces Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in group G

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw: Vietnam faces Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in group G

Asian fans are interested in the draw of the 2nd qualifying of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Asian region).

17:30 (GMT+8): 4 ASEAN teams are drawn in the same group!

Group A: Guam, Maldives, Philippines, Syria, China.

Group B: Nepal, Kuwait, Taiwan, Jordan, Australia.

Group C: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran.

Group D: Singapore, Yemen, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia.

Group E: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Oman, Qatar.

Group F: Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan.

Group  G: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE.

Group H: Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Lebanon, Korea.

17:00 (GMT+8): The draw ceremony officially begins!

14:03 (GMT+8): Akira Nishino officially becomes the coach of the Thailand national team and Thailand U23

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw: Vietnam faces Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in group G

At noon on July 17th, the Thai Football Association's homepage (FAT) announced that Mr. Akira Nishino will lead the Thai teams:

“The Thai Football Association is very pleased to officially announce Mr. Akira Nishino. was appointed as the coach of Thailand and Thailand U23. The former Japan boss will lead the "Elephant War" to compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifier, the second Asian Cup, 2019 SEA Games and 2020 AFC U23 Championship".

11:03 (GMT+8): Japanese media appreciate Vietnam, Thailand and North Korea of pot 3.

Yesterday (July 16th), Jiji news agency (Japan) has just published an article analyzing potential competitors that the country's football team could clash in the Second Qualifier of World Cup 2022. After Judging the direct competitors, Jiji newspaper also feared the possibility of picking up the Vietnamese team.

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw: Vietnam faces Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in group G

'Our Japanese team is in the No. 1 seed group, so we didn't have to compete in the first qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. We will enter the campaign from the second qualifying round and avoid strong rivals like South Korea, Australia and Iran.

For Japan, teams in the second seed group such as Iraq and Uzbekistan are the biggest 'enemies' competing for tickets to continue. However, in this group it is impossible to despise Vietnam when they have just arrived in the Asian Cup quarterfinals. In the 3rd seed group, Thailand is expected to be led by Akira Nishino will also have big changes, and can not underestimate North Korea ', Jiji said.

09:14 (GMT+8): Thailand is confident if reface Vietnam again in the same group

According to the media of the golden pagoda country, Thailand's most "soft" tournament is to meet UAE, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore teams. "War Elephants" had the opportunity to encounter UAE owners at the Asian Cup in 2019, where the two teams drew together 1-1.

Vietnam is rated as the number one ASEAN currently, and is also a competitor of Thai fans especially looking forward to re-competing in the World Cup qualification after their 0-1 defeat at King's Cup 2019 right on their home last June.

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw: Vietnam faces Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in group G

Myanmar and Singapore are in the group of No. 4 and 5 respectively, all of Thailand's favorite "prey" in the region.

In contrast, the death table for "War Elephants" is confronted with Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Indonesia. While Malaysia is the team that beat Thailand at the AFF Cup 2018 semi-finals, Indonesia has become a nightmare every time Thailand is a guest.

After Sirisak Yodyardthai coach resigned because of a defeat in the King's Cup, the Thai team still did not have a new captain. According to the media of the golden pagoda, the Thai Football Federation is in the final stages of preparing to appoint Akira Nishino as the national coach.


Under the plan, the second round of the World Cup 2022 Asian Cup draw will take place on July 17th, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - the headquarters of the Asian Football Federation (AFC).

After the June series of FIFA Day, the final teams of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) as well as 2023 Asian Cup qualification are identified.

The only unspecified case for the 2022 World Cup qualifier in Asia is Macau and Sri Lanka. The reason is that the previous leg of the tournament which was scheduled to be held in Colombo on June 11th was canceled after Macau refused to attend for safety reasons.

Currently, the AFC has not made a decision regarding the match result even though Macau won the first leg with a score of 1-0.

6 teams through the first qualifier will join 34 strong Asian teams to play the second qualifying round. In this round, these 40 teams will divide seeds, draw 8 tables (each with 5 teams), play in a round-robin, home and away form.

In 2019, there will be 6 second rounds of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) on 5th and 10th September, 10th and October 15th, 14th and 19th November. The remaining 4 plays in March and June of 2020.

8 teams ranked first and 4 teams ranked second with the best performance in qualifying round 2 (a total of 12 teams) will win the right to participate in the 2023 Asian Cup Finals, and win a ticket for the final round of the 2022 World Cup. The remaining 24 best-performing teams will be divided into 6 groups (4 teams / tables) to continue competing 11 remaining tickets to attend the 2023 Asian Cup (the 24th ticket is reserved for the host team).

The 12 teams that qualified for the final round of the 2002 World Cup will be divided into 2 groups (6 teams / table, playing rounds of 2 rounds of going and going). The top two teams of each group will win tickets to the World Cup 2022.

The two third-place teams will play play-offs (first leg - return home and away). The winning team will win tickets to play play-off with representatives of other continents to win the remaining ticket to Qatar to attend the World Cup 2022.