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What are Park Hang Seo's conditions for overseas Vietnamese players to be called up?

What are Park Hang Seo's conditions for overseas Vietnamese players to be called up?

Coach Park Hang Seo admitted that the majority of overseas Vietnamese players who were born and raised abroad are facing difficulties in naturalization to fulfill their dream of playing for the Vietnamese national team.

The question of whether or not to call overseas Vietnamese players playing abroad is always mentioned in every concentration of the Vietnamese team. Many players have expressed their desire to return to the country to play for the team. These are also the faces that Park Hang Seo himself is interested in, before considering whether to convene or not.

Recently, goalkeeper Filip Nguyen had a letter, he wrote: “I want to send to the fans some information that you may be interested in and eager to know: With the support of the father My dear, I have applied for Vietnamese nationality.

My records are complete in accordance with the law of Vietnam. Currently, I am only waiting for the approval and approval from my competent authority”.

The goalkeeper born in 1992 did not hesitate to express his desire to play for the Vietnamese team in the future. He said: “If so, I can be dressed in a red flag with the yellow star of Vietnam dear! Please join me in looking forward to this joy and hope it will come soon so I will have a chance to realize my dream and my desire to contribute to my homeland”.

Filip Nguyen is from Hai Phong. This goalkeeper is 1m91 tall, highly rated as a professional. He currently plays for Slovan Liberec in the Czech Republic league. At the end of the 2018/19 season, Filip's team finished sixth. He was personally voted as the best Czech Liga goalkeeper.

What are Park Hang Seos conditions for overseas Vietnamese players to be called up?

Talking about other opportunities for Filip Nguyen's national shirt and other overseas Vietnamese players, coach Park Hang Seo said: “This is a problem that I have discussed a lot with VFF. After I returned from Norway, I thought that some overseas Vietnamese players could not speak any Vietnamese sentence, even if their parents were Vietnamese.

Those players are not born in Vietnam, most are born abroad, so they do not understand Vietnamese culture. They have the form, their appearance is still Vietnamese, but thinking, habits, actions are citizens in the country where they are.

I have little doubt that a player who has a different mindset will integrate into the spirit of the team. Of course, that is a matter of procedure. If we are really talented players, we need them. And if on par with domestic players also need to think. The goalkeeper case is different because this is a special position. Goalkeepers do not need to communicate too much".