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Vietnam can be 19 places higher than Thailand on the FIFA ranking

Vietnam can be 19 places higher than Thailand on the FIFA ranking

Both Vietnamese and Thai teams also benefit from the impact of ongoing tournaments in the world.

The Haiti team won all at the 2019 Gold Cup group stage - the CONCACAF regional championship and will rise to 11 places on the FIFA World Cup rankings next month, on the Vietnam team. According to the temporary calculations, Vietnam recruited one rank down to 97.

Also at the Gold Cup, Trinidad & Tobago football have only one point against Guyana after two defeats against Panama and the US. This result caused Trinidad & Tobago to be deducted 34 points and lost 8 ranks, from 92 to 100 worlds with 1,226 points.

The Vietnam football team naturally benefited and returned to position 96, shortly after falling to 97th. If nothing changes, the Vietnamese team will maintain this position at the next announcement.

The ranking on the FIFA World Cup does not currently affect the position in the Asian region of the Vietnam team. Coach Park Hang-seo's teachers are still in the top 15 and are ranked No. 2 seed at the draw to divide the 2nd qualifier World Cup 2022 to take place on July 17.

The 96th position in the world is the best achievement of the Vietnam team for the past 20 years. Historically, the Vietnamese team has risen to the 84th world after Tiger Cup 1998.

Another team in Southeast Asia also benefited from the results of other continental tournaments. Thailand football team is 19 ranks lower than Vietnam at the position of 115th. The position of the "War Elephant" comes from the Namibian team from 113th to 117th in the world, losing 0-1 to Morrocco and South Africa in the group stage of the African Championship 2018.