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VFF refused Park Hang Seo's proposal to organize a match of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Thong Nhat Stadium

VFF refused Park Hang Seo's proposal to organize a match of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Thong Nhat Stadium

For many reasons, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) disagreed with the proposal to let Vietnam Vietnam organize a match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Thong Nhat stadium as Park Hang-seo's suggestion.

In the second qualifying round of 2022 FIFA World Cup, Vietnam football is in Group G with teams: UAE, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Five teams will compete in a round-robin format at home and away. According to the schedule, Coach Park Hang-seo's teachers will be playing at home in the following specific timeframe: October 10th, 2019 (meeting Malaysia), November 14th, 2019 (meeting UAE), November 19th, 2019 (meet Thailand), June 4th, 2020 (meet Indonesia).

As usual, My Dinh Stadium is likely to host the Vietnam home matches. However, according to information from Thanh Nien, during the meeting between Park Hang-seo and the VFF board recently, the Korean strategist proposed to let Golden Dragons play a match on Thong Nhat Stadium. Specifically, the UAE welcome battle on November 14th, 2019.

The reason that Park Park made is that in November, U23 will gather in Binh Duong to prepare for the 30th SEA Games, so he wants Vietnam to play in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh to facilitate the management of forces. Besides, FIFA also does not stipulate that matches in the World Cup Qualifier should be fixed on a single pitch.

The clash (if allowed) on Thong Nhat Stadium will create favorable conditions for the Southern audience to witness firsthand the players competing. Since then, it will help spread Vietnam's phone image to all parts of the country. Remember, the friendly match between U23 Vietnam and U23 Myanmar held on the stadium in Phu Tho province has brought a very good effect and has been widely supported by fans.

VFF refused Park Hang Seos proposal to organize a match of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Thong Nhat Stadium

However, the leader of VFF did not agree with the aspirations of Coach Park Hang Seo. In view of the most powerful authority in Vietnam football, if the match against UAE kicks on Thong Nhat stadium, only five days later, Vietnam football will have to move to Hanoi to welcome Thailand at My Dinh. This will certainly adversely affect the fitness of the players.

In addition, playing two matches on two different courts in a short time will make it difficult for VFF to organize. More importantly, Thong Nhat Stadium can only accommodate up to 16,000 seats, far less than My Dinh yard (more than 40,000 seats). With the same organizational budget, the number of tickets sold is too different to ensure economic efficiency. The choice of Phu Tho stadium is also removed for the same reason.

A notable problem is that the grass surface of My Dinh stadium is seriously degraded. In the coming time, VFF will soon have a written request for related units to promptly renovate the ground surface to ensure the quality as prescribed.