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“Thailand would win against Malaysia by 2 goals difference”

“Thailand would win against Malaysia by 2 goals difference”

Although Thailand will have to travel to play on Malaysia's home ground on November 14th, they are predicted to easily win against their opponent. Moreover, some Thai predictors confidently believe that Thailand can win by 3-1 or 2-0.

After back-to-back winnings at the World Cup qualification round, Thai players' spirits are very high. Last month, they even defeated UAE, the strongest predicted team at Group G by 2-1. Consequently, it helps "War Elephants" gain 7 points after 3 games, which makes them currently dominate Group G.

Commenting about Thailand's performance, Siam Sport's reporter Gof Natthakorn says: "I do believe that Thailand will continue winning against Malaysia. Under coach Akira Nishino's management, our national football team was revived. Our players have a disciplined, and they understand what the coach wants them to do".

According to Natthakorn, the return of Teerasil Dangda plays a vital role in the winning match against UAE. This veteran can be considered a final piece for Thailand's attacking system. At that game, Dangda scored one goal for Thailand by a power header.

Not only having a high spirit but also owning good attacking players such as Chanathip Songkrasin, Supachok Sarachat, Ekanit Panya and Dangda, Thailand has all the conditions to beat Malaysia. As a result, their supporters believe that Thailand will win by 2 goals difference.

As Natthakorn's forecast, Thailand can win against Malaysia by 2-0. Agreeing with him, Siam Sport's reporter Got Kunladetch predicts Dangda and Chanathip will torture Malaysia's defender. He believes the final score is 3-1 or 2-0.

From Kunladetch's personal perspective, Thai players' performance is completely different than before. The root cause is the way Akira Nishino build the tactical system, which helps players ready to play wildly as well as accept challenges.

"Unlike Milovan Rajevac who is responsible for boring matches under his management, Nishino knows which playing style is fit for Thai players. It plays an integral part in the improvement of current matches. As we can see, at the moment Thai players were very confident when they played. They were not afraid of their opponents", Kunladetch comments.

Compared to Malaysia, Thailand is appraised higher because of the quality of the team and their form. However, Natthakorn fears that Thai players can pay a high price for belittling their opponent. It is one of the cons of Thailand, especially when they play at Bukit Jalil.

After playing against Malaysia on November 14th, Thailand will continue playing another away match. Their next opponent will be Vietnam. The match between 2 teams will be held at My Dinh Stadium on November 19th.