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Thailand vs Vietnam: Coach Park Hang-seo seeks to mark Chanathip Songkrasin tightly

Thailand vs Vietnam: Coach Park Hang-seo seeks to mark Chanathip Songkrasin tightly

Midfielder Nguyen Huy Hung revealed that the Vietnam coaching staff is preparing tactical plans to lock Thailand superstar Chanathip Songkrasin on the Thai side.

Chanathip is the biggest difference of the Thai team in the Vietnam confrontation in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier. The midfielder is absent from King’s Cup due to injury but will play in the match on September 5th.

Sharing with the press in the afternoon of September 3rd, midfielder Huy Hung revealed: “Thailand has very good midfield. Their midfielder Chanathip Songkrasin is playing in Japan. It is a very good player who can make a breakthrough in the Thai squad”.

"We and the coaching staff have studied Songkrasin so we can stop this player. We will focus on being able to capture Songkrasin. Personally, if I am assigned with Songkrasin, I will concentrate to catch him tightly”, Huy Hung emphasized.

Before Huy Hung, goalkeeper Nguyen Tuan Manh also said that the goalie team studied Thailand's creative midfielder. They have watched many videos of Chanathip's free-kicks and finishes.

The Quang Nam midfielder believes that the player playing in the J.League will be the most dangerous factor on the Thai side. He analyzed: “Songkrasin is a very smart player, running, moving, holding the ball and dribbling are all very good. The playing style of Thailand will be more mutant than when playing at King’s Cup”.

“However, the Vietnamese team has prepared very well for the match against Thailand in the next two days. The coaching board also practiced tactics and fixed situations to neutralize the Thai opponent”, Huy Hung said.

Today (September 4th), the Vietnamese team will have a training session on the pitch at Thammasat. Coach Park Hang Seo will also attend the official press conference here. The match between Thailand vs Vietnam in Group G qualifying for the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Asia will take place at 20:00 on September 5th (GMT+8).