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Thailand vs Vietnam: Coach Akira Nishino refused to answer Vietnamese media

Thailand vs Vietnam: Coach Akira Nishino refused to answer Vietnamese media

Although surprising for the press in the training session of the players, but the coach of Thailand Akira Nishino was "estranged" with the Vietnamese reporter when he refused to answer every question.

On the evening of September 2nd, the Thai team with 23 players officially had a training session to familiarize themselves with Thammasat Stadium - their main stadium in the opening match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

Although previously announced to ban the media, but coach Akira Nishino suddenly allowed the press to work in the first 30 minutes of training.

Commenting on the three players currently playing in Japan: Chanathip Songkrasin, Thitiphan Puangchan and Theerathon Bunmathan, Mr. Akira said:

“The truth is that we haven't practiced together yet, but when I was at the hotel, I felt that there was a unity among the players to fight together.

Of course, the expectations of the three players are great because they have experience playing in the J.League, but they must try to integrate to adapt to the team when returning to Thailand.

Thailand vs Vietnam: Coach Akira Nishino refused to answer Vietnamese media

In the official list of Thailand this time, Mr. Akira kept only one striker, Supachai Jaided, but the Japanese military insists there are many other excellent attackers in his hands:

“In the case of Supachai Jaided, it cannot be said that it is the only striker of the team. Because we still have many other quality offensive players.

If we talk about the issue, we don't have it now and today is the first day the team practice together with 23 people, no problem. Every coach tries to convey the play so that the players understand it”- coach Akira Nishino shared.

After the end of the Thai media's questioning session, a lot of Vietnamese reporters present at the training ground wanted to ask questions, but the 64-year-old strategist all responded with silence.

“I don't know much about the Vietnamese team. I will not answer questions about my Vietnamese opponent or coach Park Hang Seo”.

Coach Akira Nishino also confirmed that he will not reveal any details to the Vietnamese media until the great battle between the two teams takes place on September 5th.