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Thailand vs UAE: The host has to change the pitch

Thailand vs UAE: The host has to change the pitch

The Thai Football Federation (FAT) must take the reception of the UAE team to Thammasat Stadium, the same venue of the match against Vietnam on September 5th.

According to the original plan, the third match of Thailand will be held on Tinsulanon Stadium in Songkhla province, near the Malaysian border. However, FAT decided to change Thammasat yard like the match against Vietnam.

The reason given by the host is that the Tinsulanon yard has not completed the construction of the works to go into operation. This is one of 4 venues that will take place in the Asian U23 finals in January 2020 in Thailand.

Therefore, right after winning the right to host the 2020 U23 AFC championship, FAT has urgently repaired Tisulanon yard. The match between Thailand and the UAE on October 15th was seen as a confirmation that the work was complete, but so far can be considered slow compared to the plan.

The Tinsulanon Stadium has a capacity of 45,000 people, was built in 1995. The yard was named after the late Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda and was first renovated in 2017, the total cost for this project is up to 200 million baht.

The special thing is that Tisulanon is not the home of any team. It is owned and operated by the Thai Sports Ministry. If this field is completed earlier, it is likely that the match between Thailand and Vietnam will take place at this location.

Asian Football Federation has warned FAT if not complete early 4 venue U23 Asia 2020 in the next acceptance, Thailand may be deprived of the right to host. If that happens, Thailand U23 will also be disqualified when they are specially qualified to enter the tournament with the hosting unit.

As such, both the first home matches of Thailand in the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier (AFC) took place on Thammasat Stadium. This is the sports center of the university of the same name, accommodating 25,000 seats, is the home ground of Bangkok United Club in Thai League.

The match against Vietnam will take place on September 5th at Thammasat Stadium. With a modest number of tickets, it's not surprising that all was sold out. After that, Thailand will march to Indonesia to play the 2nd match on 10/9.