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Thailand 'shuns' the press soon ahead the match against the Malaysia & Vietnam

Thailand 'shuns' the press soon ahead the match against the Malaysia & Vietnam

In order to have the best preparation for 2 matches in November 2019 against Malaysia and Vietnam, beyond the SEA Games 30th, the Thai Football Federation (FAT) and coach Akira Nishino decided to "say no" to the press, unless they are required to respond to the media.

Under coach Akira Nishino, the Thai team always proved cautious with the press. Remember in the match against the Vietnamese team on September 5th in Thammasat, within the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Japanese coach asked to fence the training ground to avoid "eyes and ears" of the media.

In addition, Mr. Nishino also asked his students to refuse all reporters' questions, to answer only when permitted.

That regulation continued to be applied by coach Nishino before the match against Malaysia and Vietnam. Even under the proposal of FAT, in addition to the national team, the Thai U22 team also enforces martial law right now for the SEA Games 30th campaign.

The reason for the Thai Football Federation and coach Akira Nishino "shunned" the press is because recently, much of the team's information was exposed to the outside. It is worth mentioning that this is mostly news that is detrimental to the Golden Temple team.

Thailand shuns the press soon ahead the match against the Malaysia & Vietnam

Specifically, the case involved left-back Kevin Deeromram. The player who played for Sweden U19 in Thailand played for Port FC. Recently, he was summoned to Thailand U22 but then had to withdraw due to injury.

Shortly thereafter, some information appeared that even after recovering, Kevin Deeromram would not be called by coach Akira Nishino.

The Thai Football Federation Quartet immediately issued a warning to all the assistants of coach Akira Nishino and requested that from now on no one will reveal anything to the press, including the team. recruiting and U22. Only coach Nishino is the only one who answers questions related to the team's preparation, especially personnel.

It is known that after the UAE 2-1 victory, coach Nishino asked permission to return to his homeland Japan - where has suffered great losses from super typhoon Hagibis. Earlier, while in Thailand, coach Nishino was very stressed when his family was also in the area affected by the storm.

However, the Japanese coach still maintained his concentration and helped Thai with good results. It is expected that around October 27th, Mr. Nishino will return to Thailand. This is also the time when the two Thai teams focus on preparing for FIFA World Cup 2022 and SEA Games 30th qualifiers.