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Thai newspaper: 'The perfect draw is meeting Vietnam in FIFA World Cup qualification'

Thai newspaper: 'The perfect draw is meeting Vietnam in FIFA World Cup qualification'

Thai media said that among the second seed team in the 2022 World Cup qualification in Asia, Vietnam is the easiest opponent.

On July 17th, the draw for the second qualifying round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Asia will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When they reached the final qualification in the 2014 World Cup, the Thai team is looking forward to the draw results at the next campaign.

The Thai version of Fox Sports judged that before competitors in the first seed group were Japan, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and China, winning points was too difficult task for "War elephants".

Meanwhile, in the second seed group, encountering the Vietnam team is the most pleasant scenario compared to competing with major rivals such as Iraq, Syria or Uzbekistan.

Fox Sports stated that the "War Elephants" are completely qualified to overcome teams like Jordan and Vietnam. Vietnam, the only representative from Southeast Asia on this list, is the most breathtaking opponent for Thailand.

According to the media of the golden pagoda country, Thailand's most "soft" tournament is to meet UAE, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore teams. "War Elephants" had the opportunity to encounter UAE owners at the Asian Cup in 2019, where the two teams drew together 1-1.

Vietnam is rated as the number one ASEAN currently, and is also a competitor of Thai fans especially looking forward to re-competing in the World Cup qualification after their 0-1 defeat at King's Cup 2019 right on their home turf. last June

Myanmar and Singapore are in the group of No. 4 and 5 respectively, all of Thailand's favorite "prey" in the region.

In contrast, the death table for "War Elephants" is confronted with Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Indonesia. While Malaysia is the team that beat Thailand at the AFF Cup 2018 semi-finals, Indonesia has become a nightmare every time Thailand is a guest.

After Sirisak Yodyardthai coach resigned because of a defeat in the King's Cup, the Thai team still did not have a new captain. According to the media of the golden pagoda, the Thai Football Federation is in the final stages of preparing to appoint Akira Nishino as the national coach.

With the inclusion of the Japanese team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup knockout round, Nishino is expected to help Thailand for the first time to take part in the largest playground on the planet.