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Thai fans epressed happiness when the group G of AFC World Cup Qualifier contains Vietnam

Thai fans epressed happiness when the group G of AFC World Cup Qualifier contains Vietnam

On the afternoon of July 18 in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia officially took place the drawing ceremony for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, the results in Group G are bringing many great expectations with the reunion between Vietnam and Thailand.

After the 2019 King's Cup friendly tournament, humiliating defeat with a score of 0-1 was on the home turf against the team of Park Hang Seo, both the media and the Thai fans all expressed their interest to join the group. Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier to revive.

And just as the bridge was estimated of the Golden Pagoda fans, the lucky draw leaves due to the Australian legend Tim Cahill picked up the afternoon of July 18th, and named Vietnam and Thailand together in the Group G with Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE.

Thus, in less than 3 months, the two incompetent players in Southeast Asia have the opportunity to encounter each other, this time in an official FIFA tournament and much more important than previous King's Cup friendlies.

After learning about the news that the home team is in the same table with Vietnam, many Golden Pagoda fans appear "gloating" and happy with this result.

Thai fans epressed happiness when the group G of AFC World Cup Qualifier contains Vietnam

“Thank you very much for the draw results Tim Cahill. Hahaha ”- A Thai fan expressed his delight with the draw of the Group G.

“Those who are watching live are laughing out loud when they see Vietnam. I dare say that Thailand will top the table in this group, "- another confident fan Chanathip Songkrasin and his teammates will win the top spot.

"We will retaliate, will definitely return the player satisfactorily. This is a really fun table, can't wait any longer to watch the match between Thailand and Vietnam. ”

However, there are still some Thai fans who are cautious for their team because they think that Vietnam is really trying to become a strong team of the continent and not easy to play at all.

"If it was before, this result would make people very happy, but now, Vietnam is growing too strong, Malaysia and Indonesia are also uncomfortable opponents." - a fan expressed concern.

Thai fans epressed happiness when the group G of AFC World Cup Qualifier contains Vietnam

"This is a small South East Asian Championship tournament with guests of the UAE, Thailand will be successful in revenge for Vietnam or will Vietnam be knocked down once more at home?"

"Sometimes this is the premonition of the results of the second round of World Cup 2022" - a pessimistic Thai fan with draw results is also the result after the second qualifying round of World Cup 2022, Thailand ranked third while UAE and Vietnam took the lead.

According to the schedule, Vietnam football will open its 2022 World Cup Qualifying campaign with Thailand's own away game, the opponent once lost to the coach and coach Park Hang-seo a month ago.

At this time, FAT also prepared to announce a contract with head coach Akira Nishino to lead the National Team of the Golden Temple, so the upcoming match between the two is expected to be extremely stressful and attractive on the field. and training area. 

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw

Group A: Guam, Maldives, Philippines, Syria, China.

Group B: Nepal, Kuwait, Taiwan, Jordan, Australia.

Group C: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran.

Group D: Singapore, Yemen, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia.

Group E: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Oman, Qatar.

Group F: Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan.

Group  G: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE.

Group H: Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Lebanon, Korea.