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Syria head coach: "War cannot stop our World Cup dreams"

Syria head coach:

In the post-match conference, head coach Fajr Ebrahim said the Syria team deserves to win against the Philippines to fortify the leading place in Group A.

In spite of not being appraised highly in the FIFA World Cup qualification round, Syria's performance was a surprise. In Group A, they are the only team to win all 5 matches with an impressive form.

They proved that the Syrian Civil War could not stop them from winning game after game. The root cause of this phenomenon, according to head coach Fajr Ebrahim, is the fruit of their efforts. Although the Syrian team had to train in other nations instead of their country, they fought bravely to show their best form

"People say the Philippines is a much weaker team than us, but it is not true", said Fajr Ebrahim. "In this match, they had Neil Etheridge, who is playing in England, as a goalkeeper. Because of that, we scored only one goal.

I think our performance in the first half was perfect, but things changed in the second. The Philippines proved their quality in one-on-one situations, as well as attacked us regularly. However, we managed to win the match after all".

Agreeing with him, goalscorer Ward Al Salama said that it was a difficult match, but they achieved the most important goal - 3 points.

At the moment, the difference between Syria and the second-place team in Group A is 8 points. It seems that they will qualify for the next qualification round, sooner or later.

If it becomes true, Syria will go on writing a fairytale about a country pursue the World Cup dream despite being torn by war.