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'Park Hang Seo read the game better than Tan Cheng Hoe'

'Park Hang Seo read the game better than Tan Cheng Hoe'

Astro Awani newspaper acknowledged the Malaysian coach was completely helpless in the match against his colleague Park Hang-seo in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier at My Dinh Stadium.

"The television camera is constantly looking at Tan Cheng Hoe who has a lot of expressions. He points the way to the player. He raises his hand helplessly, or simply fists his hip as if he can only accept reality. And then, the camera pans to the other side, his colleague, Park Hang Seo, is sitting on the chair and letting the players do what he says. My Dinh Stadium, where the home team won 1-0 and Malaysia did not create any threats", the Malaysian newspaper commented.

In fact, Malaysia entered the match with determination and high pressing style and inspiration from some naturalized players. Some mistakes of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam was also somewhat dangerous to the goal of Vietnam. However, thanks to the advantage of Nguyen Quang Hai's opening goal before the break, the home team took complete control of the game for the rest, causing Malaysia to receive the third consecutive defeat when they came to My Dinh (the previous two matches) took place in the AFF Cup 2018).

"In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Malaysia is afraid to confront Vietnam. Contrary to what coach Tan Cheng Hoe and the Malaysian player boldly announced before the match, they have not been able to remove the psychological barrier when confronting Vietnam. South, as they did against Indonesia and the UAE", added Astro Awani.

"Vietnam has shown a desire to win more. And Malaysia plays as if their team does not want to seek victory but only tries to avoid defeat. In the end, we do not have both. It would not be too much to say that Park Hang Seo trains better than Tan Cheng Hoe. His determination and ability to encourage players to help Vietnam have a consistent play".

Park Hang Seo read the game better than Tan Cheng Hoe

The author of the article was also disappointed that Malaysia's long-awaited attack did not show much. Meanwhile, two full-backs Matthew Davies and Corbin Ong cannot offer support under pressure from Vietnam. "Cheng Hoe's exhortations, shouting for tactical adjustments were not wrong, but not enough to help the team coalesce into a united bloc. Determined to end Norshahrul's thirst for goals or the goal of repaying lost debts. Vietnam of Mohamadou Sumareh finally failed", the article emphasized.

Topping group G is the UAE currently with six points after two wins, while Thailand and Vietnam are also four points. Malaysia has three points but have played three matches, and Indonesia stands in the bottom because they have lost all.

In the next match, Vietnam will be a guest of Indonesia on October 15th, in Bali.