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Mr. Park Hang Seo changes his plan and prepares to confront Guus Hiddink's China U22

Mr. Park Hang Seo changes his plan and prepares to confront Guus Hiddink's China U22

Park Hang seo coach will directly lead Vietnam U22 in the friendly match against Chinese U22 coach Guus Hiddink in September next instead of assigning this responsibility to assistant coach Kim Han-yoon.

According to the expected plan, Vietnam national football team and Vietnam U22 will join forces in the end of August to prepare for the individual goals of each team in the coming time. In particular, Coach Park Hang-seo will fully devote himself to the Vietnamese team towards the opening match in Group G of the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Thailand on September 5. Meanwhile, assistant coach Kim Han-yoon will lead U22 Vietnam in a friendly against U22 China on September 8th.

Most recently, however, Coach Park Hang Seo suddenly changed his plans. Instead of assisting the assistant coach Kim Han-yoon to assume the leading role, the Korean strategist will directly lead U22 Vietnam in a match against China U22.

Perhaps this change is because Coach Park Hang-seo wants to have a reunion match with his former colleague. Mr. Guus Hiddink, U22 Chinese coach was the one who had a very long time with Master Park. In the past, coach Park Hang-seo used to be the effective assistant of coach Guus Hiddink in South Korea at the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

According to the plan, both Vietnam and U22 Vietnam will join forces on August 26th, after finishing the 22nd round of V.League 2019. Then on September 1st, Coach Park Hang-seo with Vietnam national football team will fly to Thailand to prepare for the opening match in 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying Asian (Group G).

As soon as this match is over, it is expected that Park Hang-seo and his assistant Lee Young Jin will fly to China to direct U22 Vietnam in the encounter with Chinese U22 on September 8.