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Marcelo Lippi resigned after China's loss to Syria

Marcelo Lippi resigned after China's loss to Syria

Hours after China was defeated by Syria in the FIFA World Cup qualification, Marcelo Lippi resigned as the head coach of China national football team.

"I do not want to comment anything about the loss to Syria. Nothing at all. As the man in charge, I have to take full responsibility due to the recent disappointing results. As you know, my annual salary is very high, hence I think it is one of my obligations. I officially resign from China managerial role right now", Marcelo Lippi said.

After that, he cut short by leaving the conference room earlier than expected. According to various reporters appearing at that time, Lippi even slapped the table many times.

Moreover, in the post-match interview, Lippi harshly criticized Chinese players who did not follow his order. He complained "In general, a team ought to give all of their strength on the pitch. Players have to do anything the manager wants them to do, however, it did not happen as I think. My players were afraid of playing against brave opponents. They had no fighting spirit, which made them become the cowards". Besides that, Lippi also complimented Syria was a better team than China in that match.

Under Lippi's management, for the first time, China national football team used naturalized players namely Elkeson and Yennaris. As a result, in the FIFA World Cup qualification, China started impressively by defeating Maldives and Guam.

The scores in those games were 5-0 and 7-0, respectively. However, Lippi became under pressure after China had a goalless draw against the Philippines in the third match. At the moment, China is standing in second place in Group A with 5 points lower than Syria.