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Indonesian newspaper: "Vietnam is the strongest team in Southeast Asia"

Indonesian newspaper:

Commenting on Indonesia's chances in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, Indo Sport newspaper emphasized that Vietnam is the strongest team in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia was unfortunate, when it fell into Group G, there were 4 representatives of Southeast Asia in the second phase of the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualification, and the 2023 Asian Cup.

Vietnam is the champion of AFF Cup 2018 , Malaysia runner-up, while Thailand also enters the semi-finals of the tournament.

At AFF Cup 2018, Indonesia shared the same table with Thailand, and received heavy defeat 2-4.

This is why Indo Sport analyzed Indonesia's defeat against other regional teams, as well as the UAE - a rival of the No. 1 seed qualifier World Cup 2022.

Commenting on Vietnam recruitment, Indo Sport said that this is the strongest opponent in Southeast Asia, a big challenge for Indonesia.

"Vietnam is currently the strongest team in Southeast Asia, along with its position as the AFF Cup winner 2018.

Under the direction of Coach Park Hang Seo, Vietnam has become the best team in Southeast Asia so far, in all respects".

Indonesian newspaper: Vietnam is the strongest team in Southeast Asia

Indo Sport appreciates the difference that Coach Park Hang Seo brings to Vietnam. The Korean military rulers help the team change strongly in thinking, physical and psychological.

"Basically, the foundation of Vietnam and the Indonesian team are relatively similar.

But since Park Hang Seo took over the team, Vietnam has played more neatly, bearing the image of proud warriors, and has much better physical strength than Indonesia".

Indo Sport said that Indonesia's coach Simon McMenemy is definitely in a more disadvantageous position when confronting Vietnam.

However, the newspaper also put an unexpected expectation on it, as Indonesia had caused many difficulties for Vietnam in the past.

Moreover, Mr. Simon McMenemy also has certain experience about Vietnamese football. The Scottish military leader once led Dong Tam Long An in 2011.