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Indonesia press worries when their home team entered 'death table' with Vietnam

Indonesia press worries when their home team entered 'death table' with Vietnam

Bola and Pontianak praised the opponents of Indonesia in Group G, after the July 20th, World Cup qualifying draw.

"Indonesia fell into the death row," Bola jabbed.

"Coach Simon McMenemy and his teacher are facing a difficult problem if they want to qualify for the third round. Table G is rated as a death table with Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and UAE. The first three teams are in the top tier of Southeast Asia, while the UAE is the most powerful team in Asia ", the article has a paragraph.

Pontianak also said that Indonesia fell into the situation as their famous movie "Musuh bebuyutan". The film, which was shown in 1974, talked about fellow colleagues and always harassed each other. "Indonesia is located in Group G with tough players like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and UAE," the newspaper added.

Newspaper pages like CNN Indonesia, Bolabob or Kumparan are looking forward to the fight between Indonesia and Malaysia. These are the two countries with hostile football traditions.

Thai newspapers are looking forward to the reunification of the Vietnamese team. "Waiting for the debt collection day of Vietnam", TrueId newspaper headlines. They mentioned the defeat before Vietnam on their home turf at King's Cup in early June 2019.

The Vietnam team started the second qualifying campaign of World Cup 2022 on September 5th, with a trip to Thailand. Then, Park Hang-seo's team returned to home to host Malaysia on October 10th. Vietnam will become guests in Indonesia five days later, before welcoming the UAE on November 14th. The order of Vietnamese competitors in the turn is unchanged from the turn. 

2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) draw

Group A: Guam, Maldives, Philippines, Syria, China.

Group B: Nepal, Kuwait, Taiwan, Jordan, Australia.

Group C: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran.

Group D: Singapore, Yemen, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia.

Group E: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Oman, Qatar.

Group F: Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan.

Group  G: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE.

Group H: Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Lebanon, Korea.