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Indonesia football: Coach Shin Tae-yong determine to rule the ASEAN

Indonesia football: Coach Shin Tae-yong determine to rule the ASEAN

Head coach Shin Tae-Yong believes that Indonesia will cause difficulties for Thailand and Vietnam in the upcoming matches of the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying (AFC).

Shortly after taking on the task of leading the Indonesian national team, coach Shin Tae-yong had an unfavorable start to the Indonesian U19 team. Mr. Shin and his young players experienced 3 consecutive losses when playing friendly matches with Korean representatives.

Facing the concern of the Indonesian media, coach Shin Tae-yong is still optimistic.

"There is always a difference between the national team and the youth team. The training of young people is much different from professional players. I believe Indonesia will show a different side in the near future", said the Korean strategist.

Mr. Shin Tae-yong who led the Korean team to create an earthquake against Germany in the 2018 FIFA World Cup believes his experience can make positive changes in Indonesia's team play. Ahead of his team is the last 3 matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, as well as the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.

Indonesia football: Coach Shin Tae-yong determine to rule the ASEAN

"I look forward to encountering coach Park Hang-Seo and Akira Nishino. Indonesia doesn't have any point at the moment and has run out of opportunities to enter the next round. However, I believe the remaining 3 matches will be an opportunity for fans to see what football is. I want to bring a different and new face to Indonesia's attacking style".

"Thailand and Vietnam both beat Indonesia in the first leg, but will they be able to easily do that in the second leg? If they can't beat us in the remaining matches, I think it will be hard for them to think about the ticket to the final qualifying round. As for Mr. Park Hang Seo, I respect and treat him as a teacher, but when the battle is coming, everyone has to fight", the Korean coach affirmed.

Coach Shin also said that he would soon announce Indonesia's preliminary list of 34 players to prepare for Thailand's away match on March 26th.

"I think at the moment Indonesian fans are eager to see the new face of the team. Local coaches are also very willing to help me a lot. I feel pressure myself because the Southeast Asian teams have become more attentive and alert to us since my appointment", Mr. Shin said.