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Coach McMenemy will still lead Indonesia's team to face Malaysia

Coach McMenemy will still lead Indonesia's team to face Malaysia

The Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) has dismissed rumors that coach McMenemy will not lead the Indonesia team to play against Malaysia in the 2022 World Cup qualifier on November 19th.

In recent days, it has been reported that coach Simon McMenemy after being fired has rejected an offer from the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) to lead the country's national team to play against Malaysia on November 19th.

The source comes from the assertion of Mr. Sumardji, Director of the Indonesian national team. However, the new PSSI's new president, Mr. Iwan Bule, has corrected and confirmed otherwise.

“Actually, Simon McMenemy has no intention of not coming to Malaysia. So please modify this information. It was no problem because we did not break the contract unilaterally”, said the chairman of the Indonesian Football Federation.

Iwan Bule said he met McMenemy personally on November 10th at Bung Karno Stadium, the Scottish tactician also denied this.

President Iwan Bule said: “McMenemy told me that he never said he refused to lead the game versus Malaysia. Simon is still obliged to the Indonesian national team because the contract is still there and we still pay until it is completed.

Thus, in the confrontation with Malaysia on November 19th in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, coach Simon McMenemy will still have the final match as the head coach of the Indonesian team before the two parted formally.