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How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

The first matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Asia were in progress and scores were also scored. It's time to re-evaluate the performance of Southeast Asian teams in the past week.

With the exception of Vietnam, eight other countries of Southeast Asia have played two matches in seven days with different results.

Below, we will assess the performance of Southeast Asian teams in the first two matches of the second round of the FIFA World Cup Asia Cup.


Starting the campaign with a match against Syria was not easy, but the Philippines made their rivals soon to be shy by taking the lead by Javier Patino's opener in the 6th minute. They eventually lost with a total score of 2-5.

Although Syria has shown its different class, but can not say this is an embarrassing defeat for The Azkals.

Their second match against the island of Guam took place in a completely different position and, despite a few heart-stopping moments, the Philippines still did well enough to win 4-1 and is currently one of four teams. won three points of Group A.

The Azkals coaching staff also deserves credit for being ready to take different approaches in both games. They opted for a 5-3-2 formula in favor of defending against Syria before showing their intention to attack with a traditional 4-4-2 scheme on the island of Guam.

Star player: Angel Guirado - Back in nearly two years of absence, Guirado shows he still has much to offer despite being 34 years old. This physically rich striker is a difficult problem for the defenders and has scored a goal and two assists to show his efforts.


A point after two matches may not be an ideal result. However, this result does not fully express the impression of Cambodia.

They were the more dominant team in the 1-1 draw against Hong Kong last Thursday and seemed to have added one more point until Kamil Al-Aswad's 78th-minute strike put them down 0 -1 against Bahrain - a team that emerged at the AFC Asian Cup 2019 in January.

Without the presence of experienced strikers like Chan Vathanaka and Thierry Chantha Bin, a number of young players had the opportunity to prove the future of Cambodian football - under an ambitious Keisuke Honda coach - is very promising.

Star player: Keo Sokpheng - Without Vathanaka and Chantha Bin, Keo Sokpheng accepted the task of opening the way for Cambodia and he did not disappoint. He scored the goal against Hong Kong and played very stable in the attack.


If only considering the 2-1 victory over Palestine, Singapore would surely feel very happy during this period.

Anyway, it was a victory - thanks to goals from Shakir Hamzah and Safuwan Baharudin - against a team that played in the Asian Cup earlier this year, which had a shocking 2-0 victory over Uzbekistan.

How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

However, the fact of the matter is that Lions should score a maximum of six points because they can definitely win instead of a 2-2 draw against Yemen, especially when they have twice reached the lead.

Overall, this is an effective series for the team heading towards better days under the new coach Tatsuma Yoshida.

Star player: Shakir Hamzah - Playing in the Malaysia Super League is not the ultimate goal for Singaporean players, however, it's undeniable that playing in Kedah brings a lot of positive things to Shakir Hamzah. The left-back with the more aggressive play has grown more mature and is always eager to do something for The Lions.


Myanmar's campaign had a bad start when they lost to Mongolia 0-1, a team that they had to defeat if they really wanted to go to the position that they expected.

The unpredictable 0-2 defeat to a strong Japan later helped them regain confidence even though they didn't really threaten the visitors, who could have scored a few more goals without being photographed. enjoy the wet conditions on the Thuwunna pitch.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing for Myanmar is the apparent lack of influence from stars like Aung Thu, Kyaw Ko Ko and Maung Maung Lwin, who have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities after failing to score against Mongolia.

Star player: Nanda Kyaw - We don't have many options and Nanda Kyaw's performance will give Myanmar a comfort. After exploding in the international arena at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016, the left-back has been quite silent in recent years. However, his steady performance over the past week has clearly shown his impressive performance at Shan United in 2019.


Based on the results, it can be said that Indonesia had a disastrous week when they lost to regional rivals Malaysia and Thailand, but their performance was really that bad?

How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

Perhaps they deserve a point against Malaysia if they do not lose their feet in injury time in Saturday. However, the way they easily surrendered to Thailand will surely make the passionate fans on the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium feel disappointed.

After stopping in the qualifiers of the previous tournament, it was exciting to see Indonesia return. However, their performance needs to be improved soon.

Being placed in Group G gives them a great opportunity to advance to the next round. However, their current loopholes in defense and inadequacy in attack can leave them behind their neighbors.

Star player: Stefano Lilipaly - An Indonesian star since the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup, Stefano Lilipaly is still the one who can make a breakthrough. Beto Goncalves could have helped them score twice, however, he was disabled by the Thai strikers and it was Lilipaly who seemed to have used all efforts to help his team advance.


Malaysia can look back on the last week of the competition with its head held high after the excellent performances.

They defeated Indonesia dramatically with the goal-setting of Mohamadou Sumareh in the final minutes of the match before losing narrowly 2-1 to the team that reached the semi-finals of the 2019 Asian Cup, the United Arab Emirates.

The Harimau Malaya squad is currently a mixture of experience and youth, and coach Tan Cheng Hoe also has many options such as Syahmi Safari, Shahrel Fikri Fauzi and Akram Mahinan - who are currently on the bench in the near future. 

How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

With no team from Group G to dominate early on, Malaysia has a lot of reasons to hope.

Star player: Syafiq Ahmad - A lot of people have been arguing about where Syafiq Ahmad can play the best, both at the club and the national team. However, Mr. Tan may have found a solution for him as a second striker. Playing off the back of Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, as the center of the three-man midfield, Syafiq deployed the shots when Harimau Malaya sent the ball to the opponent's court and he was able to find out. be in a good position to score.


After a 0-0 draw with Vietnam, Thailand showed true ability when they won 3-0 against Indonesia.

With just one striker in the squad, the War Elephants finally managed with the absence of Teerasil Dangda, who had been leading their attack for a long time.

Chanathip Songkrasin may not shine in the way many people expected but he has more or less made an impact. And Thailand fans can certainly feel comfortable with two clean sheets after realizing how vulnerable their teams have been since the beginning of this year.

As the only Southeast Asian team to qualify for the third round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup last season, The War Elephants must at least find a way to repeat this achievement.

Star player: Supachok Sarachat - Perhaps many people shouldn't be worried about Thailand's lack of choice for a forward position if they consider Supachok Sarachat - a talented attacking midfielder who is no stranger in scoring. Buriram United striker played aggressively alongside Thitipan Puangchan in the match against Vietnam and then competed them to beat Indonesia when he had a perfect match with the main striker Supachai Jaided.


It's really hard to judge Vietnam because they are the only Southeast Asian team that plays only one game.

However, considering the progress they have made recently, coupled with the fact that Thailand is in decline, Vietnam really must get a better result than a draw 0 -0 last Thursday.

How did ASEAN teams perform in the September match series of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

Indeed, Thammasat Stadium is one of the hardest places to win in the region, and a victory will help them assert their dominance in Southeast Asia.

However, this is an extremely talented team under a successful coach, Park Hang-seo, and they should find a way to stand up to compete with Malaysia and Indonesia next month.

Star player: Do Hung Dung - With cult names like Nguyen Quang Hai, Doan Van Hau and Nguyen Cong Phuong in the squad, Do Hung Dung will easily be overshadowed by his quiet performance. However, with what Hung Dung has done and he has done well - with just 14 caps for the national team at the age of 26 - he can now find a way to consolidate his place in the Vietnam national team.