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Former coach Alfred Riedl points out why Indonesia will hardly get any points from Vietnam

Former coach Alfred Riedl points out why Indonesia will hardly get any points from Vietnam

The Austrian coach Alfred Riedl assessed that Vietnam was at the upper hand in the confrontation with Indonesia, and the players of Coach Park Hang Seo could gain an additional 3 points.

"I haven't been leading the national team for a long time, so all I know is the news. I think Indonesia is not in good shape. The results are very lackluster recently. I don't understand the cause behind the decline of the Indonesian national team", coach Alfred Riedl shared with the press.

"If the Indonesian team is in decline, then the Vietnamese team will play very well. Therefore, I believe that the Indonesia team will hardly earn any points from the opponent."

The 69-year-old coach continued to emphasize that Vietnam is stronger than Indonesia and the opportunity for them to get 3 great points. Although the opponent of the 2018 AFF Cup champion will be played at home, this is not a too big advantage.

Currently, the players of Coach Park Hang Seo have 4 points after 2 matches, and the national team of thousands of islands has no points after losing 3 matches in a row.

Indonesia is clearly inferior to Vietnam. Even when naturalization for many players and the opportunity to recruit them, including striker Beto Goncalves, that can not change the face of the runner-up AFF Cup 2016. According to Riedl coach, the level Indonesian naturalization player is very normal.

"Their level (naturalized player) is not much better than the native. Therefore, I don't think the use of naturalized players will make Indonesia stronger. After 3 consecutive losses, they are not much. "This is a great opportunity for Vietnam to win," said Riedl, who has led both Vietnam and Indonesia.

Last week, Indonesian media reported that midfielder Otavio Dutra completed the final procedures to naturalize Indonesia. However, the original Brazilian player was not called up to the national team by coach Simon McMenemy to prepare for the matches against UAE and Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup qualifier.

Former coach Alfred Riedl points out why Indonesia will hardly get any points from Vietnam

IndoSport said coach McMenemy would love to use the three central defenses. Therefore, he desperately needs the services of the Dutra. Thanks to his ideal height, the Brazilian defender is like a rock in front of the goal and is also very good in aerial dispute situations. However, the plan has gone bankrupt.

The quality of the players is not good, this makes the Indonesian team constantly receive defeat against Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE. Physical strength also becomes one of the weaknesses of the team of thousands of islands. Due to the tension of plowing in the domestic league, the players when recruiting are not in good condition.

In the matches against Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE, the Indonesian team only played well in the first half. And after that, they were almost exhausted. In a 2-3 defeat against Malaysia in September, the Scottish military blamed the harsh schedule of the Indonesian league exhausting the player.

The 41-year-old coach described Indonesian players running to the point of not being able to move anymore. When the match ended, the whole team collapsed on the field because it was too tired. Right from the second half, the home team soon showed signs of being overloaded. They can no longer organize quick and unexpected attacks.

In the press conference room after the 0-5 defeat to the UAE on 10/10, Mr. McMenemy continued to refer to the cause of failure of "Garuda" from the players running out of energy in the domestic tournament, leading to an unwillingness to fight when serving the national team.