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FIFA warns Vietnam & Thailand to be careful of Malaysia's strength

FIFA warns Vietnam & Thailand to be careful of Malaysia's strength

Witnessing Malaysia's progress in recent times, FIFA said that Tan Cheng Hoe's team will be a formidable team for both Thailand and Vietnam in Group G of FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier.

Before joining the second round of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier (AFC), the Malaysian team defeated direct competitor Timor-Lester with a total score of 12-2 after two legs.

According to FIFA, Malaysia, although it has not confirmed their level in the region or the world, but with recent progress, all competitors will have to abstain from them:

"Malaysia may not have created an impact on the global level, but this country's passion for football is not inferior to anywhere in the world.

They have world-class stadium Bukit Jalil with a capacity of 90,000 seats, which is a great place for explosive colors and sounds. This is also the place that was filled in a few weeks when the Malaysian team played at the AFF Cup last year”, FIFA wrote.

FIFA also affirmed that the position on the ranking at this time has partly proved the strength of the Tan Cheng Hoe's team, especially the fact that they broke the team each time 5 times Thailand SEA Championship in the AFF Cup in 2018 :

“Malaysia's development has been recognized, their strength is also recognized through FIFA BXH, when ranked 159th. This is the highest ranking in the last 5 years and is the best position in more than a decade. year.

Malaysia's 2018 AFF Cup campaign impressed with a memorable victory over Thailand's five-time regional champion. It is a feat when Thailand dominates Southeast Asian football", FIFA said.

It is the insider - pillar midfielder Irfan Zakaria is also acknowledging that the Malaysian team at this time is the strongest team in over 5 years:

“I've been with the team for four or five years, even in the previous World Cup qualifiers and I think this is one of the strongest teams in a while.

The team has a lot of U23 players as well as more experienced players, and for me, this is a very good combination. We are being guided by seniors. This time Malaysia is another team", said Irfan Zakaria.

In the newly released list, Coach Tan Cheng Hoe has also called for up to 4 naturalized players who played at the 2018 AFF Cup including Mohamadou Sumareh of Gambia origin, Australian midfielder Brendan Gan, Australian defender Matthew Davies and British-born midfielder La'Vere Corbin-Ong.

"The Tiger of Malaya" promises to be an opponent who is not easy to play for Vietnam, Thailand or any other team in Group G with a team of the above-mentioned quality.

Malaysia will begin their 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying campaign with a trip to Indonesia on September 5th, they will recreate the 2018 Southeast Asia final with Vietnam on October 10th in My Dinh stadium.

List of Malaysian players for 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier:

Goalkeeper: Farizal Marlias, Hafizul Hakim, Ifwat Akmal

Defenders: Adam Nor Azlin, La’vere Corbin-Ong, Shahrul Saad, Nazirul Naim, Matthew Davies, Syahmi Safari, Irfan Zakaria, Dominic Tan.

Midfield: Syamer Kutty Abba, Brendan Gan, Nor Azam Azih, Faiz Nasir, Akram Mahinan, Danial Amier Norhisham.

Forward: Safawi Rasid, Akhyar Rashid, Syafiq Ahmad, Hazwan Bakri, Shahrel Fikri, J. Partinban, Mohamadou Sumareh, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Jafri Firdaus Chew, Hadin Azman.