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Coach Tan Cheng Hoe: 'We have nothing to worry about Thailand'

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe: 'We have nothing to worry about Thailand'

After Malaysia U19 defeated Thailand U19, Malaysia head coach Tan Cheng Hoe said that Malaysia will do the same in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier match.

In the 2020 AFC U19 qualifier, Malaysia U19 won with a minimum score of 1-0 against Thailand U19, thereby winning the official ticket to the championship next year. Speaking after the match, Malaysia U19 coach Brad Maloney praised his students.

Coach Maloney said: "We had a lot of difficulties meeting Thailand, but Malaysia U19 showed their bravery. We just need a draw but always want to win. We have done a good job with our own philosophy".

Appreciating the success of Mr. Brad Maloney and his team, Malaysia coach Tan Cheng Hoe affirmed that the 'senior' will follow the Malaysia U19 to defeat Thailand at the 2022 World Cup Qualifier.

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe said: "Malaysia will follow their juniors to defeat Thailand in the World Cup qualifiers. We have won Thailand in the semi-finals of the AFF Cup 2018. The teams in Southeast Asia has no gap. We are completely confident to beat them at home. Thailand is nothing to worry about".

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe: We have nothing to worry about Thailand

On the table of Group G qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, Malaysia is ranked fourth with 3 points. Tan Cheng Hoe's players lost to Vietnam and the UAE, so they were forced to win all the remaining games to hope to continue.

The match between Malaysia vs Thailand will take place at 20:45 (GMT+8) on November 14th.