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Coach Park Hang-seo is proud of the victory over Malaysia

Coach Park Hang-seo is proud of the victory over Malaysia

The Vietnam coach confirmed that the players completed the task, contributing to the first victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The Vietnamese team won 1-0 against Malaysia in the encounter on October 10th. The only goal of the match was scored by midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai.

Speaking after the match, Park Hang Seo coach said: "First, I want to thank the players' efforts. I feel proud to be leading Vietnamese players. stronger than the AFF Cup 2018 with the addition of naturalized players, their midfield today also performed very well.

Compared to the match against Indonesia, Malaysia has had 3 changes. They have analyzed us very closely. However, we have prepared well before this match. The players have followed the coaching team's tactics very well".

Share the performance of Cong Phuong and Van Hau. Mr. Park said: "For Van Hau and Cong Phuong, being able to play in Europe has proven their ability. Being a player will have a bad game, but more important is the contribution. their way into the team play. For me, Van Hau and Cong Phuong performed well in this match".

"Tuan Anh suffered a thigh injury after the first half, but this is not a serious injury. We will have a closer look tomorrow" - Korean coach shared about Tuan Anh.

Besides, Coach Park Hang Seo also shared about the strikers' performance in this match: "The strikers did not score but did not underestimate them. I believe in all strikers. The most important thing is the process to lead to the goal. It should not be because they do not score but underestimate their ability".

"But before you ask that question, try to ask how many foreign strikers are currently playing in the V-League and how many minutes they played in last season".

Coach Park Hang-seo is proud of the victory over Malaysia

Talking about his Indonesian opponent as well as preparing for the upcoming match, the Korean coach said: "I don't care about the past. Vietnam has not met Indonesia in the AFF Cup 2018. But I also saw them compete. played in the last matches. They have the advantage of bodybuilding, but we can also dispute with them so there's nothing to worry about. We will prepare the best match against Indonesia".

The players have no injury problems, only a little fatigue. We have 5 days to prepare for the match against Indonesia. I will discuss it with my fitness coach to find a solution".

When asked about his dissatisfaction at the match tonight, Coach Park Hang Seo said: "I was not satisfied when Van Toan did not score (laugh). I was kidding. It was a bit difficult at the beginning of the match when the team couldn't hold the ball. Also, I was satisfied with the players' performance".