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Coach Park Hang Seo is annoyed with the Thai media for being impolite

Coach Park Hang Seo is annoyed with the Thai media for being impolite

Vietnamese team head coach Park Hang Seo wants to chase some of the host reporters for being disorderly in a press conference on September 4th afternoon.

Coach Park Hang-seo participated in a technical press conference before the match with captain Que Ngoc Hai at Thammasat Stadium - the venue for the match in the first round of Group G, the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier (AFC) between Thailand vs Vietnam..

While answering a question from a Vietnamese reporter, about the closest confrontation between the two teams in the King's Cup 2019 friendly match in June ...

... he spotted a loud noise from a group of Thai reporters at the back of the room. The coach of the Vietnamese team immediately stopped talking and showed a very uncomfortable attitude, repeatedly waving a hand to dismiss the other group.

He then called a member of the Training Committee to ask to report the incident to the press conference coordinator.

But the noise continued, causing Coach Park Hang Seo to make signal to his assistant, Le Huy Khoa, to stop translating. He turned to ask an English interpreter to speak up.

When order was restored, he urgently said, "When participating in the interview, you must keep orderly. That way we will be effective. Such noise is not polite. If If you don't like to listen, you can go out. All the time you ask us to be polite, so you have to be polite".

The attack is thought to be aimed at media and leaders of the Thai Football Federation. A few days ago, the host country threatened to cut the operation card when a Vietnamese reporter accidentally captured a moment of the Thai team's closed rehearsal. They then asked these people to move the current hotel room to a lower place.

At the beginning of the interview, when a Thai reporter asked about the incident, the 60-year-old military official said, "This is not a big deal. Vietnamese reporters paid for hotel accommodation when they saw it. If a scene like that is taken, they will take it, if Thailand wants to keep it safe, move the training ground to another place, I heard that even the president of the Thai Football Federation has an opinion about it. I don't know if there's a need to do that or if it's just a photo like that that pushes all Vietnamese reporters downstairs so they can't take pictures anymore sensitive".

At the end of the interview, Mr. Park greeted the reporters and went to the training ground with the students. This is the only meeting in Vietnam getting to get used to Thammasat yard.