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Coach Alfred Riedl may return to save Indonesia

Coach Alfred Riedl may return to save Indonesia

The Austrian strategist Alfred Riedl is considered a bright candidate for the position of Indonesia's head coach in the near future.

The patience of the fans of the Van Islands team for coach Simon McMenemy has run out. After the team's 1-3 defeat to Vietnam in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier on October 15th, many Indonesian fans demanded that the National Football Association (PSSI) sack the Scottish ruler.

The wave of criticism of Coach Simon McMenemy soon appeared when the Indonesian team went blank against Thailand in September. That day, they lost to "War Elephants" with a score of 0-3. Currently, Indonesia lost 4 consecutive matches in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying. The opportunity to go forward is considered closed with them.

According to journalist Farabi Firdausy, Indonesia needs a radical revolution in personnel to save the situation. First, they must soon find a new coach to replace Mr. McMenemy. At this time, coach Luis Milla and Alfred Riedl are thought to be the brightest candidates to lead the Indonesian team.

Coach Alfred Riedl may return to save Indonesia

"Coach Luis Milla will need more time to learn Indonesian football, but at least he has brought a lot of positive signals in building the game for the national team. And coach Riedl is no stranger to Indonesian football and he knows what to do to revive the team", journalist Farabi said.

Coach Riedl has achieved success with the Indonesian team when he came second in the AFF Cup 2010 and 2016. In August 2019, the 69-year-old captain was appointed to lead Persebaya Club (Indonesia). However, due to health problems, coach Riedl could not take on the job.

On October 15th, Indonesian media reported that the Football Association of this country will choose Stefano Cugurra Teco to replace McMenemy. However, it was difficult for the Bali United club to let their head coach Stefano Teco leave. In the Indonesian league, Bali United are racing to win the title.

"Many fans want Teco to be the coach of Indonesia. However, Bali United is difficult to let their strategist go. I support the domestic coach like Rahmad Darmawan, for example. If PSSI wants to hire a foreign coach, Mr. Riedl will be a bright candidate", said the writer.

In 2017, Indonesian fans were full of optimism when the team was led by coach Milla. However, disagreements between the Spanish strategist and PSSI caused the two sides to part ways soon a year later. Indonesia has been in a mess since then. The team's achievements have begun to decline.

Journalist Farabi explained that coach Milla requires a high salary, so PSSI could not meet that demand. Therefore, inviting the 53-year-old strategist to lead the current Indonesia team is considered impossible. Therefore, only Riedl is the best person to replace McMenemy in Indonesia head coach role.

On October 15th, former coach Riedl shared that he had just undergone a leg vein surgery. His health situation is still okay. Riedl has not yet spoken about returning to Indonesia to work.