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Coach Akira Nishino is suspected of achieving success in Thailand

Coach Akira Nishino is suspected of achieving success in Thailand

Sasom Pobprasert thinks that the new Thai coach Akira Nishino is hard to take on many goals at once.

"Akira Nishino is a professional coach. But in the rushing time, he can only select players who are on the old list. That makes people uneasy", Siam Sport quoted the declaration of Chonburi Club head coach Sasom Pobprasert. "If you are brave enough, Nishino can adjust the Thai team's play more attractive. But the most important thing is the result."

Nishino was appointed as the coach of Thailand since July 19, at a press conference in Japan. Two days later, he launched the media of the Golden Temple in a new position. The military leader has led Japan to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup, aiming to win tickets to the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers for 2022, although only about 10 days before the first qualifying match against Vietnam, on September 5th.

The rushing time combined with the absence of an assistant made Nishino suspicious of Thai colleagues and Sasom. Former PPTV commentator continued: "I believe he is capable of changing the team, but in a short time, it is very difficult. That is not to mention the risks associated with changing football philosophy. , Nishino may be overwhelmed when planning a team strategy alone ".

Coach Akira Nishino is suspected of achieving success in Thailand

Last week, Nishino met with representatives of Thai League clubs and leader of the Thai Football Federation (FAT) on finding assistant for the coaching department. In the short term, the Japanese teacher only uses internal assistants, including his predecessor Sirisak Yodyardthai and U19 coach, Isara Sri Tharo.

The contract between Nishino and FAT lasts two years. The mission of the 64-year-old coach is to lead both the Thai team and the U23 team. He earned the highest salary in the history of football in Golden Temple, at nearly a million dollars a year.