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"Billions of dollars wasted but they played like a fool" - Chinese social media reactions stir up

Chinese netizens were furious after witnessing the national football team has another disappointing result. According to them, instead of blaming coach Lippi, players should take fully responsible for playing under their ability.

"I can understand Lippi's feelings when he announced his resignation", a Weibo user commented.

"The pressure was too high for him to resist. Moreover, he did not have the players as competent as he wants. Even when Lippi had Elkeson in the squad, the performance was not getting better. Winning matches against much weaker opponents such as Guam and Maldives made us temporarily forget one thing: China national football team has improved nothing for many years".

Agreeing with him, another user namely Wang Xiaoning Ning appraised: "Chinese players were not only weak but also they do not have any responsibility and honor. They received huge salaries in their clubs, which were much more than that compared to players at the same level in other countries. As a result, they lack the motivation to play at the international level.  The calling up of naturalized players does not solve the problem. The reason is too simple: Mud can not build a house".

Moreover, some Chinese netizens mocked Linpeng Zhang, the player had an own goal making China lose against Syria. One person said: "He played as an amateur played though he was 30 years old".

Interestingly, Linpeng Zhang was also the player under Lippi's management when he worked at Guangzhou Evergrande. Lippi once highly praised Zhang was the best Chinese footballer in the Chinese Super League. Thus, one person named Yu Shu Crain said: "Zhang was an amazing player. He made his boss lose the job in both the club and the national team. Lippi can predict anything but an own goal".