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ASEAN teams to face quality 'reagent' on FIFA Day

ASEAN teams to face quality 'reagent' on FIFA Day

With the international break coming, ASEAN teams are set to face tough opponents to prepare for the upcoming matches in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

ASEAN national football team upcoming friendly fixtures:

(14/2) Myanmar vs Oman

(07/3) Myanmar vs Bahrain

(21/3) Malaysia vs Bahrain

(21/3) UAE vs Singapore

(26/3) Vietnam vs Iraq

(30/3) Thailand vs Panama

Set to be the first ASEAN national team to open the international break will be Myanmar. Antoine Hey and his players will play two matches against two Middle East sides. They will face Oman at home on February 14, and against Bahrain away on March 7. 

ASEAN teams to face quality reagent on FIFA Day

Myanmar currently experiencing a great form, with three consecutive wins. Especially the last two matches in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers, against Tajikistan and Mongolia, they came up with impressive performances to remain victorious.

Much like Myanmar, Malaysia will also face Bahrain away on March 21. Tan Cheng Hoe will hope to keep up with the form the team is having, as they had 2 wins against the 2 ASEAN teams in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

ASEAN teams to face quality reagent on FIFA Day

Also on March 21, Singapore will encounter UAE as a roster test for both teams. A win right now is not the utter priority for both Tatsuma Yoshida and Ivan Jovanović, as both teams will have the chance to test the players' quality and tactics for later competitive matches.

Vietnam and head coach Park Hang Seo will hope to bounce back after an embarrassing tournament in Thailand. They will face Iraq at home on March 26.

ASEAN teams to face quality reagent on FIFA Day

The lastest to play on FIFA Day is Thailand. Akira Nishino and his players will face Panama on March 30, in a match which is predicted to be an easy turnaround for them.