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5 major things we learn from Thailand's victory against Indonesia

5 major things we learn from Thailand's victory against Indonesia

The 3-0 victory in Indonesia's Bung Karno showed that Thailand is having many positive changes under the guidance of new coach Akira Nishino.

Coach Akira Nishino is brave enough to let Thailand play offensive football:

Playing on Indonesia's pitch, but Thailand did not hesitate to play offensive. Every time they got on the ball, the two full-backs got very high. The two central midfielders, Sarach Yooyen and Phitiwat, also tend to support two wingers Supachok and Ekanit. This style of play is pleasing to the supporters and Thai professionals who want the team to attack aggressively.

Indonesian fans turn their backs on the team:

After the first match against Malaysia with nearly 60,000 spectators, the Bung Karno yard only welcomed less than 20,000 people in the match against Thailand. In addition to the reason for the expensive tickets, the sudden drop in the audience may be because the home team started with a 2-3 defeat against Malaysia. With a not so crowded Indonesian audience, Thailand feels like playing on a neutral pitch. When they scored in the second half, fans didn't stop booing and mocking Indonesia.

Supachok from criminal to hero:

After missing the chance at the end of the Vietnam draw, the winger Supachok transformed into a Thai hero. He is the author of two goals and the situation led to a penalty.

Chanathip Songkrasin's silent contribution:

Many people wonder why "Thai Messi" has not yet shone, but the reality shows that he is contributing indirectly to Thailand. The arrangement of the opponent with Chanathip is synonymous with not being able to focus on the remaining players. As a result, Chanathip's teammates have a lot of space, especially the wingers Supachok and Ekanit.

Thailand cannot be satisfied:

The win against Indonesia was a proud achievement for Thailand (the first victory on Bung Karno in 11 years), but according to SiamSport, the team should not let joy overwhelm reason. In fact, Indonesia is clearly going down. In the next match, Thailand will have a brainstorming match with the UAE. They also have two matches against Malaysia, as well as two return matches on the field of Vietnam and the UAE.

In addition, coach Nishino also has a big problem to solve is the striker position. In the first two matches, Thailand did not have a single goal from this position.