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Europa Conference League - New format and exact rules

Europa Conference League - New format and exact rules

Besides the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League, from 2021, European club football will have an additional Cup: Europa Conference League.

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has officially announced the foundation of the Europa Conference League after its meeting in Slovenia recently.

Accordingly, the Europa Conference League - the third playground of European football at club level, after the Champions League and the Europa League - will start from 2021. The matches of this new tournament take place every Thursday, from 18h45 until 21h, according to the European time frame.

Participants will include mid-level clubs in major leagues and clubs from UEFA member federations but have a low rank in the football league rankings. Each season a total of 32 teams attend.

Due to the addition of the Europa Conference League, some Champions League matches will be played sooner to fit the schedule. From 2021, matches will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday, replacing matches starting at 18:55 (according to European time).

Also at a meeting in Slovenia yesterday, UEFA announced the list of three stadiums hosting the UEFA Champions League final three seasons ahead. These are the Gazprom Arenal (St Petersburg - Russia) in 2021, the Allianz Arena (Munich - Germany) in 2022 and the Wembley (London - England) in 2023.

In addition, the Nations League arena has also changed. From the 2020-2021 season, the teams A, B, C will have a total of 16 teams, but group D will decrease from 16 to seven teams. Group classification will be determined by the overall ranking of countries after the 2018-2019 season.