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Chinese football officials: "Ozil is supporting the terrorists"

Chinese football officials:

Speaking about Mesut Ozil's expression on his social network account about the independence of "East Turkistan nation", a Chinese Football Association representative said it is unacceptable.

On December 13th, Mesut Ozil shared an article related to the political issue of the Xinjiang region, which was called the "East Turkistan nation" by him. He also posted it on his various social media accounts namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

From Ozil's post, it can be seen that he intentionally wrote to show his point of view about the independence of Xinjiang. However, his argument caused a controversial story because his statement aroused people to misunderstand the issue.

After seeing Ozil's article, the Chinese Football Association had comments about that. An official said: "Mesut Ozil is a very famous player, but his article about the Xinjiang region is unacceptable".

"The East Turkistan nation does not exist, they only create terrorist attacks and national conflict instead of world peace. If Ozil supports them, it means he supports the terrorists".

"Like many Chinese football fans, we are deeply disappointed by his expression. It is not only wrong but also hurts our feelings. We cannot accept that".

As a result, Ozil's Instagram account currently has full of hatred comments from Chinese people. Many of them said that they could not believe their idol can think or write about "stupid issues" as recognizing the independence of the "East Turkistan nation" in Xinjiang.