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Paulo Bento harshly criticized for poor performance against China

Paulo Bento harshly criticized for poor performance against China

Although South Korea won China before playing the final match with Japan, coach Paulo Bento was under attack by the public.

8,000 South Korean supporters came to see the match held between the host nation and China disappointed about the result. Despite creating many chances, they scored only one goal by Kim Min Jae.

As a result, many South Korean fans criticized coach Paulo Bento, saying that his team did not know how to shoot. In the match against China, South Korea had 15 shots.

Before that, they scored just two goals into Hong Kong's net, which was much lower than the Japan team. Coach Paulo Bento admitted that his team had some problems with strikers.

However, he still defended his players by saying: "People may complain about many things, but we achieved the most important goal: a victory".

"Gaining three points means we have the chance to win in the final match. My players played very well to dominate the game, and they just need to work harder to improve their shooting skills".

However, South Korean media and football fans did not agree with Bento's opinion. Korea Sports Network said that the performance of the national football team was a shameful joke.

Moreover, they also criticized that the 2019 EAFF E-1 Football Championship was the biggest defeat in Korean football history. Matches were held at Busan Stadium, which can seat 50,000 people, but there are just a few spectators who came to see the games.