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China women's team coach: "They have never played bad like that"

China women's team coach:

Speaking about the performance of China women's team players, the head coach said they played the worst match in their career.

"We won, but it cannot satisfy me as the head coach of the team", said Jia Xiuquan. "To be frank, Chinese women's team players played the worst match in their career in the match against Chinese Taipei".

"I have never felt dissatisfied like that. No matter how many chances we created throughout the game, we scored only one goal".

"It seems that our players did not know how to score many goals in a match against a much weaker opponent. They should go back to train before playing again to have better results".

In the 2019 EAFF E-1 Women's Football Championship, China hoped to become the champion. However, things did not happen as they expected.

After drawing South Korea in the first fixture, they lost Japan by a 0-3 score before playing the last match.

Chinese players initially planned to score against Chinese Taipei's net as many goals as possible, but they just had a goal scored by Wu Haiyan. It was also the only goal of China in the competition.

Disappointing about the result, coach Jia Xiuquan said that he would have to work hard to improve the women's team ahead of the last Olympics qualification round. "Things must change, or we will be the shame of our country", he said.