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Qatar vs Argentina Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Qatar vs Argentina Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Qatar vs Argentina: Comments, predictions of match results Qatar vs Argentina, Group B Copa America 2019). Is the craziest thing - eliminated from the group stage - happen to Messi and his teammates?

Qatar vs Argentina is the last chance for Lionel Messi and the 'comrades' to prove their ambition at the Copa America 2019. In the case of not being able to win 3 points, the reigning runner-up will be eliminated from the tournament in Brazil.

After a lucky draw against Paraguay football, El Pugla confirmed the opportunity to continue to remain intact with La Albiceleste despite them being ranked at the bottom of the table. It was a firm statement.

"I'm a bit frustrated when Argentina can't win. We are still making progress to get the best performance.

We are fighting for the national flag colors. It would be crazy if we were excluded from the group stage. Argentina will definitely go to the next round, ”Messi shared at the press conference after the match.

Despite the determination of the 32-year-old superstar, La Albiceleste still has to accept the fact: their 'door' into the quarterfinals is still less bright than Qatar. Because they are ranked at the bottom of Group C despite having the same score as the defending Asian champions but inferior to the goal difference.

If it is, Argentina's ability to continue on will only exist in theory. In the case of winning Qatar football, Messi and teammates are also unsure of winning second place. They have to wait for the result of the match between Colombia and Paraguay. But if you win all 3 points, teachers and coaches Lionel Scaloni almost do not have to end the game in Brazil even though it cannot win the second place.

Such an analysis to see that Messi's statement is realistic. That statement only becomes a reality if the strikers of Albiceleste show effectiveness and not make mistakes in defense.

The ability to organize Qatar's defense is of course not as good as Colombia or Paraguay. In return, representatives of Asia possess the fighting spirit to the end. The spirit was evident in the first two matches: they drew a 2-2 draw in a 2-goal lead and made Colombia struggle to win 3 points.

Argentina football must need the new VAR technology to draw in Paraguay. Messi's penalty penalty is also the only goal of the reigning runner-up in the Copa America 2019. This proves that the attack ability of Phone is ranked 11th on the FIFA rankings with real problems. Only the Barcelona striker of the history of the club was "captured dead", all ideas on their ball almost numb.

Qatar will certainly look at how Paraguay or Colombia have done to stop Messi, split the connection between him and the satellites. Doing that, the 'craziest thing' will come true.


- Qatar: full of the best players.

- Argentina: Esteban Andrada cannot play due to injury.

Possible lineups of Qatar vs Argentina

Qatar: Al Sheeb, Correia, Bassam Hisham, Salman, Hassan, Al Heidos, Madibo, Khoukhi, Afif, Abdulaziz HatemAlmoez Ali.

Argentina: Armani, Casco, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Pereyra, Lo Celso, Paredes, De Paul, [Lionel Messi], Martinez.

Qatar vs Argentina score predictions: 1-1