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Messi: "I don't deserve to get a red card"


Lionel Messi angrily dismissed the Copa America medal, and criticized the referee after the red card had to be received in the third match against Chile.

Argentina has successfully repaid the debt to Chile in the third match of Copa America. However, the joy of winning the Tango team could not be complete when their captain Messi was disqualified.

A few minutes before the first half ended, Lionel Messi collided with Gary Medel after the Chilean player brought the ball out. The two players continued to take action to head head on each other before the referee Mauro Diaz de Vivar intervened and immediately pulled the red card for both.

The red card marks the first time the Barcelona striker was sent off in an official match for the club or national team. This is the second red card since the red card in the Argentina football match in 2005.

After the match, Lionel Messi expressed anger by not participating in the medal award ceremony of the tournament organizers. Not only that, Lionel Messi also said that his red card was the result of his criticism of officials in the Argentine football team's defeat to the Brazilian football team in the previous semi-final.

"This situation has happened a lot in matches. Gary Medel also knows the stop but the referee has overreacted. I felt very angry because I thought I was not worthy of that red card because I thought we played a very good match.

We took the lead but as I said recently, unfortunately there are many mistakes from referees. We have a feeling that they are preventing us from reaching the final. The match against the Brazilian football team and the match today are our two best performances, but you've seen what happened afterwards" Lionel Messi said.

With this red card, Lionel Messi will face a suspension in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier. At 4:00 am tomorrow, July 8, the Copa America final will take place between the owner of the Brazilian football team and the Peruvian football team.