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Lionel Messi speaks out loud as Argentina triumphs on his birthday

Lionel Messi speaks out loud as Argentina triumphs on his birthday

Lionel Messi and his teammates reached their goals when winning against Qatar. Not only the joy of victory, today is the day Messi welcomes age 32.

Lionel Messi has joined the Argentina football team to overcome the narrow gap when his team defeated the Qatar football team 2-0 to take second place in Group B. With this result, Albicelestes advanced into the Copa America quarterfinals 2019.

This is a great day for Messi personally. Not only the Argentina football team entered the quarterfinals, today is the day Messi officially turned 32. However, what he mentioned after the game was only completely related to his specialty.

The star born in 1987 shared: "We need challenges to grow up, Qatar is not an easy competitor, look at how they compete with the Paraguay football team and the Venezuela football team. Argentina's football team is gradually gaining balance in the players. Although I like to attack more, the balance with defense can make the team go to the title".

It really is a worthy share of the captain's armband. At the Copa America this time, Lionel Messi has only one goal, but his role is very important. In the match against Qatar, although not directly established, but the No. 10 star is still voted the best player in the match.

"This victory helps the upcoming stage of the Argentina football team quietly go away. We have gained confidence and the journey to conquer the start of the Copa America championship" -  Lionel Messi concluded the interview.

In the next round, Argentina will face the Venezuela football team, the second ranked group B. While it is likely that the Brazil football team - the host will meet the team ranked below Argentina is the Paraguay football team if the team This ball is eligible to continue.